when a mountain of Easter Eggs arrived at the Nkosi’s Haven Village which were donated by MiWay. Thrilled to bits the children  just cannot wait for the planned Easter Egg hunts on Easter Sunday and to ensure that each child gets their fair share, the older children have been instructed to first help the 28 littlies find theirs and then they will be allowed to search for their.  The resident moms and child care workers have received strict instructions to ensure that the there is equal distribution between all the older children!!!

 In the meantime, the director, Gail Johnson says, It has been impossible keeping sticky little fingers out of the boxes of Easter Eggs in her office.

She has suddenly had a stream of children pouring into her office with offers of assistance (which never happens  in the norm), but with eyes directed at the Easter Eggs and not her!!

 Our sincere appreciation to all at MiWay for sharing Easter with our children and giving so generously to our children.  We wish all at MiWay a wonderful and safe Easter Weekend.