Nkosi`s Haven Vukani

Thanks to the Soweto Gospel Choir’s sponsorship, who has adopted Nkosi’s Haven as their benefiting charity, we have been able to extend our reach beyond Nkosi’s Haven locations and into the surrounding townships.

When the Soweto Gospel Choir performs overseas the Choir raises funds through collection at each performance.  Nkosi’s Haven receives 50% of this funding while the other 50% is transferred into a separate account, Nkosi’s Haven Vukani (which literally means ‘Outreach’).  These funds are used to support carefully selected organizations operating in the townships that care for children orphaned by AIDS.

To select these organizations, the staff and directors of Nkosi’s Haven carefully research which organizations are in need of assistance and can make the greatest impact with limited funds, then personally purchases and delivers products to them with the help of Soweto Gospel Choir members.  All the food and other parcels are handed out by Nkosi’s Haven staff and Choir members, who,  further, put on a performance, much to the delight of the children, their caregivers, and grandmothers – affectionately known as Gogo’s.

To date, over 9,000 children have been fed through registered organizations being supported by Vukani. Children’s school fees have been paid, orphans school uniforms have been purchased. Appliances, to ease the load of women running soup kitchens to ensure that children receive at least two nutritional meals a day, have been purchased. Security, electrical installations, plumbing, wheel chairs and equipping a ‘homework’ converted container, have all been bought by the choir. Plus, dignity given to children who have passed away through AIDS related illnesses by having their funerals paid for.

The Choir, who received the ultimate recognition by winning three Grammy Awards, deserve the ultimate humanitarian recognition by caring and giving to the children of South Africa.

To view a full list of Nkosi’s Haven Vukani distributions, please click here.

Just in the beginning of May 2013, the Soweto Gospel Choir did a grocery purchase for 6 different organizations to fill the children’s tummies in their care. Additionally the South African company Eriger donated blankets in order to keep the children warm during the South African winter. Both donations were distributed by NKosi’s Haven to registered non-profit organizations caring for children.