Nkosi’s Haven is a recognized NGO in South Africa that has been in operation since 1999 offering holistic care and support for  destitute HIV/AIDS infected mothers, her children, and resulting AIDS orphans (infected or not).

Nkosi’s Haven is named after Nkosi Johnson, the young AIDS activist who passed away on International Children’s Day on June 1st 2001, who dearly wanted a facility that would care for the mom and her child.  He had been separated from his mom because of the HIV diagnosis and he never wanted that to happen to any other child.  He also wanted HIV positive people to be cared for without discrimination or prejudice.

Nkosi’s Haven Board

Dave Woollam* Chairman of the Board
Gail Johnson Founding Director
Pastor Dolorah Fredericks* Treasurer
Shaheda Omar* Childcare Specialist
Humphrey Birkenstock* Media Advisor
Renee Kruger* Human Resources
Derek Postmus* Advertising
Nadira Haripersadh* Architect
Tiny Koen Fund Raising & Project Management
Heather Davidson Financial (Part time staff member)
* Denotes non-executive
Patron Suzanne Ravenall



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