In 2008 we purchased a 12 acre farm approximately 50 km south of Johannesburg.  While this site is still in development, the objective will be to implement a self-sustaining ‘Kabbutz” called Nkosi’s Haven 4Life Farm.  This project will accommodate destitute HIV/AIDS infected mothers and their children from the township of Sebokeng, the informal settlement of Orange Farm, and the surrounding area.
We hope to use this new site not only to grow organic food to feed an increasing number of residents at the Village, but as a site for individual capacity building, and economic empowerment through the sale of surplus crops and products made by the resident mothers.
For this, facilities will be built to accommodate basic furniture making, pottery, beading, and candle making.
The products produced at the Nkosi’s 4Life farm will be sold on the local market and supermarket chains will eventually be  approached.  Once the craft is of a good standard, the export market will be considered.
Through these activities, we project that this project will become not only self-sustainable, but income generating within the first 5 years of full operation.
Our plans will be to build a number of new cottages onsite to accommodate additional mothers and children.