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Nkosi’s Haven bakes bread daily to donate to out reach projects

Nkosi’s Haven Mattress and bed store burns down

Nkosi’s Haven’s own running deer

by Nkosis Haven

Lucy started her first year in high school in January 2017, and wow has she shown them how athletics are done done. Gold Medal 200m – Inter Athletics, Silver Medal Relay – Inter Athletics, Silver Medal 100m – Inter Athletics, Gold Medal High Jump – Inter Athletics, Gold Medal Long Jump – Inter Athletics, Junior […]

Children’s Peace Prize

by Nkosis Haven

On the 18th November in the Hall of Knights at The Hague  in the Netherlands, Neha Gupta (18) was awarded the 10th International Children’s Peace Prize. The award, called ‘The Nkosi’ after Nkosi Johnson, who won the first ever International Children’s Peace Prize, posthumously in 2005. In celebration of the 10th Anniversary of International Children’s Peace Prize, […]

Change the Stigma Project

by Nkosis Haven

Nkosi’s Haven has been  selected byChange the Stigma Project as a charity they want to raise funds for. Read the following article to find out more: Charlie Jacobs, has been living positively with HIV for nearly 12 years. He publicly disclosed his HIV-positive status in 2011 after being selected as a finalist in the Mr […]

Building a preschool for our little ones

by Nkosis Haven

Since we make it our duty at Nkosi’s Haven to offer the best possible future to our residents, it is one of our main goals to provide all people living here with a good education. It is only natural that we try to put them on the right path as early as possible. This is […]

Visit from West Chester University

by Nkosis Haven

On the 27th of May, we received some American students from the West Chester University. It is now the tradition for them to squeeze Nkosi’s Haven on their South African tour. They were as generous as always. After showering our little ones with stuffed animals from all over the world they spent some time with […]

Artist Proof Studio Workshop

by Nkosis Haven

Thanks to artsINSIDEOUT our kids were lucky enough to get a private session with three artists from Artist Proof Studio. As part of their ongoing efforts  in addressing issues surrounding HIV/AIDS, they organized a Paper Prayer’s workshop for our younger crowd. It resulted in a rainbow of creativity! See for yourselves:   [Show as slideshow] Visit their […]

Visit from The Scots College

by Nkosis Haven

The Haven was very pleased to welcome the Scots college rugby team as they were generous enough to drop by during their South African tournament. The day started with an Easter egg hunt for the Haven’s kids (Thanks to all our generous donors!). It was followed by a sports session where everyone enjoyed some rugby, […]