Due to the international financial crisis we have had to start thinking about innovative ways in which to generate capital for the day to day upkeep of our mothers and children.

The gallery concept is a win-win for all parties concerned. The artists are paid for the work which we showcase and Nkosi’s Haven receives a percentage of any sale made through the website. If you are an artist that would want to showcase your work and serve a fantastic cause please contact Tiny Koen on pr@nkosishaven.org

Numerous artists are in the process of creating art works that will specifically be showcased on this platform.

Mark Reynolds an artist from Limpopo province in South Africa generously donated the beautiful portrait of Nkosi Johnson which features as the first piece to be showcased in the gallery. Mark’s work is further featured through Serenity and Protection.

Louis Calitz is a long time friend and supporter of Nkosi’s Haven. His style and approach as an artist is unique and thought provoking. He and a group of other artists recently held a highly successful exhibition to very favourable acclaim.

He is the first of the group of artists with whom he held the exhibition to make works available for the website. Please come back soon to see featured works of the rest of the group.

We hope that this new addition to our website will bring you a lot of joy and that many of you will grace your homes with these very original and beautiful art works.


Nkosi Johnson

proudly donated by Mark Reynolds


Mark Reynolds



Oil Painting

Size: W: 305mm x H: 405mm. D(depth): 3mm W: 12″ x H: 16″

Weight: Approximately 0,3Kg

Artwork is Unframed.


About “Serenity”:

This contemporary/classic piece is striking and boasts a variety of Styles, All in Oil paint. The Gloss finish on the face further brings this piece to life.
The subject, a man called Frans, is a kind, humble soul who’s love for nature exudes from his hands as it reflects in his eyes on this painting.


$ 7200.00




Oil Pianting

Size: W: 760mm x H: 1020mm. D(depth): 20mm W: 30″ x H: 40″ . D: 1″

Weight: Approximately 3,1Kg

Artwork is Unframed.

About “Protection”:
Having the great fortune in assisting my sister (single parent) with raising her son, I realized the Value of the “Protection” which our parents (and other Guardians) give us in our youth.
The Freedom to Play…. To Explore and Discover, with little or No regard for the many dangers that lurk. Through all the days, even those with skies that warn of Storms to come…. they watch over us.
As life’s wheel turns, those who played and discovered, grow and in turn, take up the role of guardian, Protectors of the new generation.
This piece is in Gratitude to ALL those who “Protected” me thus far on my path, and to those whom I offer … “Protection”.

$ 10 000.00

Through the eyes of an Afghan

Oil Painting

Size: W: 400mm x H: 505mm. D(depth): 20mm

Weight: Approximately 0,5Kg

Artwork is Unframed. (the painting does wrap around the sides)


About “Through the eyes of an Afghan”:

This piece has an intensity that will fill any room. Her eyes, gaze gently on any admirer… with their rich contrast of Intriguing beauty that display caution… even fear, of the ever changing world that surrounds.


$ 4 350.00



Homeward Bound


Oil Painting 2003

Size: W: 610mm x H: 760mm. D(depth): 20mm

Weight: Approximately 1 Kg

Artwork is Unframed. (the painting does wrap around the sides)


About “Homeward Bound”:

This piece is all about finding your path in life. Though there is turbulence from both above and below, the Darter, lost and alone, knows exactly which route to take to reach His Destination.

Due to many years in the bustling city of Johannesburg and being intensely involved in graphic design, my canvases were stored, brushes & oils packed away… Homeward Bound represents the Beginning of my Path, my journey as a Fine Artist… my Heart being my compass.


$ 4500.00


The Catch

Oil Painting 2010

Size: W: 920mm x H: 920mm. D(depth): 20mm

Weight: Approximately 1,5Kg

Artwork is Unframed. (the painting does wrap around the sides)


About “The Catch”:

The owl is a metaphor for man. Symbolic of the Men that are driven by “the hunt & the Kill / …. The CATCH”. The eye..IS the DETERMINATION of that soul to get what their sites are set on.

The white, open space is indeed very Intentional as it represents “Freedom”, the Freedom of choice that lies in the hands of Prey.

…. “to be, or not to be…. the Catch”


 $ 10 000.00

Louis Calitz

My Last Duchess

Oil on board
Size: H 690mm x W 490mm




Afternoon Blues

Oil on canvas

Size: H 750mm x W 510mm




Golden Boy

Oil on canvas

Size: H 750mm x W 510mm





Oil on canvas

Size: W 750mm x H 510mm




Confounding Spirit

Oil on canvas

Size: W 610mm x H 455mm