Over the past decade, all of us at Nkosi’s Haven have tirelessly worked to create a positive and energetic environment for a growing number of women and children affected by HIV/AIDS in South Africa.
At Nkosi’s Haven and through our outreach programs, we have been able to secure a bright future for hundreds of destitute HIV positive moms, their children, and the resulting orphans.
By expanding the residents capabilities through access to high quality medical care, multiple forms of therapy, access to quality education, and skills building workshops, many of our resident moms and kids have moved on to become responsible and contributing members of society, allowing us to accept new residents to our site.
This successful initiative would not have been possible, however, without the kind and generous support of a number of sponsors, which have, without a doubt, been a beacon of light in a country still largely unequipped to adequately address a growing HIV/AIDS Pandemic.  While we at Nkosi’s Haven are working toward establishing new self-sustaining economic development projects to ensure our continued existence and expansion, we are still obliged to request your support, and extremely grateful to receive your consideration.
The following pages highlight a number of the buildings at Nkosi’s Haven Village and breakdown their annual operating costs. To ensure their sustainability in the short term, we would like to request that you consider a three year funding “marriage” with your selected sites.  In exchange, we are happy to grant the contributing organization:

  • Full naming and corporate branding rights, i.e. The *corporate name* Cottages, which we will happily paint in your organizations colours, and logo.
  • The contributing organization would receive the full history and profile of the residents relevant to their cottage or facility.
  • The contributing organization may use their sponsorship/support in any publicity campaign they run and or issuing of in house publications.

For more information, please contact Gail Johnson:

Tel:   +27 11 942 5580/1/3/4
Cell:  +27  82 593 1999