Their outfits were made by Leslie Montgomery and other mothers from Paul and Sandy’s studio and could not have been a better colour even if we had picked the material ourselves. The girls looked very pretty all dressed up and the colour looked fantastic on the dance floor.

The comp was amazing. I can’t believe we were there for 12 hours. There were over 40 sections in the ballroom and over 60 sections in the latin. We saw Belly dancing, Salsa, Mambo and had a demo of Freestyle that blew us away. The highlight was a demo/show by Michael and Beata. They were undefeated world champs in UK and USA under the South African flag and only came together to dance for this competition for the first time in over seven years.

The kids were incredible, for the first time, we took Sarah, Hlengiwe, Thandeka, Simphiwe and Sani chaperoned by  Beryl ,Martha and one of the volunteers Silka. I was concerned that they may have been bored, but they screamed and cheered and were so absorbed that they sat and watched for 12 solid hours with their eyes glued to the dance floor. It was really great to have the 5 along to cheer for and support our dancers.

Our girls danced the ‘All Girls’ Latin section and danced a Cha Cha Cha and a Jive. Johanna and Mpho came 3rd and Londi and Zintle came 5th in Junior section out of 7, and Truly and Mpho came 1st in the Youth section out of 3. I am so proud of them all.