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by Nkosis Haven

This morning it’s very quite at Nkosi’s Haven. All artists and children; are out and on their way to the MARKET THEATRE in Jo’burg CBD to prepare everything for the big performance. Last 2 weeks it was hectic, chaotic but most of all lots of fun since the ArtsINSIDE-OUT group arrived at Nkosi’s Haven. Dancing, […]

NEW School Uniforms

by Nkosis Haven

Thanks to the wonderful donation we received from the Netherlands by the ABANTWANE BELANGA – Foundation we could buy new school uniforms for our children. New shoes, trousers, shirts, socks, winterjackets and more where handed over last week. We thank the Foundation to hold hands with us.

What is Delta 8 THC?

by Nkosis Haven

The FDA has an online database available for your use that has entries for over 100 different cannabinoids. The entry for 8-THC is available here, however, not all these compounds will be listed in this list, and you will have to use your own judgement to find the most appropriate drug. This is only a […]

artsINSIDEOUT 2013!

by Nkosis Haven

Another year has come and gone with our amazing artsINSIDEOUT team. For two years running they have come to work with our children and mothers creating art, music, theatre and so much more! With a focus on building self worth and respect, they yet again gave our Nkosi’s Haven family some great experience and created […]

Nkosi Johnson’s 12 Year Memorial

by Nkosis Haven

On Saturday June 1st, 2013 we celebrated the life of Nkosi Johnson. Through song, dance and prayer we keep him alive in our hearts and thank him for the inspiration he provided us all!

Pajama Party thanks to Aids Fonds and 4Life!

by Nkosis Haven

Just in time for the South African winter our kids, moms and caregivers received warm, fuzzy pajamas, robes and slippers to bundle up in! Many thanks and gratitude for the generous donations from both Aids Fonds and 4Life Research.

We’re hiking!

by Nkosis Haven

On the 1st May, our current volunteers from Germany and Guatemala used the opportunity of having a public holiday and took our residents for a hike. Everybody who was older than 12 years was more than welcome to join. Round about 20 kids, some of our caregivers and the volunteers left the property at 10 […]

Food and Blankets for Nkosi’s Haven Vukani

by Nkosis Haven

With the help of the Soweto Gospel Choir, who has adopted Nkosi’s Haven as their benefiting charity, we have been able to extend our reach beyond Nkosi’s Haven into the surrounding environment and built up the Nkosi’s Haven Vukani, which means “outreach”. (Please also look at Projects > Nkosi’s Haven Vukani) In the beginning of […]

Birthday joy for Nkosi’s Haven kids – Be part of it!

by Nkosis Haven

Our birthdays are supposed to be special days, especially for children. But how do you celebrate the birthdays of more than 100 kids living at Nkosi’s Haven? Thanks to an initiative of the day care student Daniella Ramos, an birthday celebration is held every first weekend of each month to celebrate the birthdays of the […]

Nkosi Johnson Memorial Lecture

by Nkosis Haven

Nkosi Johnson Memorial Lecture, June 7th 2011

Mark Heywood, Executive Director, SECTION27 heywood@section27.org.za

This speech is dedicated to the Ministers of Basic Education and Social Development in South Africa with the hope that it might influence them to meaningfully address the pain, loss of life and thwarted possibility it describes.