Thursday evening (7th October) the Wits Choir performed for our residents and members of the public, at the Nkosi’s Haven Village. The Wits Choir do one charity event each quarter that the charity can use as a fundraiser. Nkosi’s Haven and the National Burns Association of South Africa joined forces to host the event in the leisure room at the Village. The performances were out of this world and had everyone spellbound with their magnificent voices.

The Youth on Fire Choir also put on a special  and very emotive performance. The National  Burns Association of South Africa, run by Sharon and Colin, use the arts as part of the burn survivors rehabilitation, thus allowing for freedom of expression to assist in overcoming the trauma of severe burns. All choir members have suffered severe bodily burns, compose their own songs and express their experiences and courage with their magnificent voices.

All of us at Nkosi’s Haven would like to sincerely thank both choirs for their incredible performances.