On the 18th November in the Hall of Knights at The Hague  in the Netherlands, Neha Gupta (18) was awarded the 10th International Children’s Peace Prize. The award, called ‘The Nkosi’ after Nkosi Johnson, who won the first ever International Children’s Peace Prize, posthumously in 2005.

In celebration of the 10th Anniversary of International Children’s Peace Prize, an initiative of the  KidsRights, the Netherlands, previous winners were invited to celebrate the amazing success of the project with His Majesty King Willem-Alexander being the guest of honour. Nkosi was represented by his foster mom, Gail, with a magnificent and emotional tribute being paid to the young hero.

“Congrats to all involved from KidsRights and a phenomenally successful project, congratulations to Neha and all previous winners – you are the  most dynamic young people I have ever met.” – Gail Johnson