Since we make it our duty at Nkosi’s Haven to offer the best possible future to our residents, it is one of our main goals to provide all people living here with a good education. It is only natural that we try to put them on the right path as early as possible. This is why we decided to build a preschool in our precinct. It has now been two years since we started building the preschool. Unfortunately, we were let down by the contractor and we have spent most of the money received for this project and little work has been done.

Our original budget for the school was 954,700 SA Rands. Sadly, 754,000 SA Rands were spent and we only have a basic structure. We therefore approached a fair trade contractor to finish the school. We are currently short of 200,000 SA Rands.

In order to raise the missing 200,000 SA Rands we decided to start a fundraising campaign to let people know about our project.

Under the following link you will find the campaign we created:


If you think our cause is worth it, please contribute! Donate some money or spread the word!

We currently have 24 kids who could be attending the preschool. We are really looking  forward to stimulating them through a thorough education.

A huge thanks in advance! Everybody here really appreciates!!!